Weird MIDI Issue - VST synths

hi all,

I’m on Cubase 7.04. But this has been happening only on this one track that i’ve been working on since Version 7.0

Here’s the scenario:

  1. I am using one Omnisphere VST with 8 instances routed as separate mixer channels via VST Instruments Routing

  2. Each Omnisphere synth instance is controlled by a separate MIDI Channel

  3. Instances where I am doing automation of the synths… I have a MIDI Channel that just controls the automation.

  4. the Second Omnisphere instance we call Omni B. The 4th instance we call Omni D

  5. I have an Omni B automation MIDI channel

  6. I have an Omni D automation channel

  7. For some reason Omni B Automation Channel controls Omni D’s automation. Even though I’ve programmed automation for Omni D, the Omni B Automation channel control overrides the Omni D automation

I am losing my mind I have no idea how to fix it. I want independent Automation channels for each Omnisphere instance.

I’ve done this many times but it’s never happened like this.

Please help if you have experienced anything remotely like this… maybe it’s some obscure Midi setting i’m not getting

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Both your MIDI tracks are routed to the same Instrument.

The Automation controls the entire instrument. Maybe it is an ‘Omni’ thing?

Have you tried adding a second instrument in Devices/VST Instruments? :smiley:

Is this only occurring in channel 4 towards 2? or are there also other channels interfering?
Does this also happen when you restrict usage of only 4 routings of the VSTi?

Otherwise you could opt for two Instances of Omnisphere …
dunno, I use a lot of multi-routing VSTis, incl KONTACT, MASCHINE and HALION, and haven’t experienced such difficulties, although I don’t automate in separate tracks.

btw: what’s the advantage? being able to swap notes more easily without getting concerned about the automation info?

I’ve done this many many times with Omnisphere and other VST’s that have multiple instances within the same VST instance and it’s never happened before. Suddenly last night it wasn’t happening. I noticed a MIDI track on channel 4 / Omni D at the beginning of the track – it was one of the recorded takes of automation

I made sure that each Midi Track was set to the specific Midi channel output

Ex: for Omni B – my Midi Channel must be set to 2 (not Any). for Omni D it’s set to Midi Channel 4

The problem is that I’m automating the Arpeggiator’s Note Length and apparently it’s set to CC74, same as the instrument’s Filter Cutoff… I think this might be the problem.

Does anyone know what CC # that Arpeggiator note length comes under for sure? I checked the Omnisphere manual and it doesn’t say.


The advantage of having automation on a separate track… let me give you an example:

  1. Let’s say I’ve got Synth 1 doing a 4 bar melody. Then I copy this 4 bar MIDI track 10 times and now I have a 40 bar loop.

  2. Then I Create my Automation Midi track which again outputs to Synth 1 Midi channel. But this time when I play the 40 bar loop, I only play with the Filter cutoff through it. So all it records are my automation changes played in real time. Then I find a great filter cutoff sequence I did over a certain 4 bar section of the 40 bar loop.

I can easily chop this automation and spread it throughout the 40 bar loop … and … I don’t have to manually write this 4 bar filter automation throughout the 40 bar loops.

  1. Now let’s say I want to add a 2nd to a 2nd synth, Synth 2…

  2. I don’t have to do ANYTHING but copy both MIDI notes 4 bar loop and Midi Automation 4 bar loop to Synth 2 and I have an exact duplication of the filter automation I did without having to manually write it out…

It’s a LOT easier to copy/paste this separate MIDI file than open up the Synth 1 Midi channel and manually copy the automation curves into Synth 2’s track.