Weird MIDI overlap bug - back in 6.0.2..!? ಠ_ಠ

OSX 10.6.7 / C6.0.2

Since updating to 6.0.2 the MIDI overlap thing is back where if you say, have a part recorded then record before it in replace mode and your recording slightly overlaps it, it wipes the previous entire part.

Can anyone else confirm?

A more precise repro would be nice to make the problem you are referring to clearer.

Can you reproduce the behavior if you change the pref “File–> Preferences–> Record–> MIDI–> Replace Recording in Editors” to “All”?


No change.

This isn’t in an editor - I’m talking about recording a MIDI part straight in the timeline - nothing fancy - literally make MIDI track, hit record, play some notes. Press stop.

Now move locator to a point before the part you just recorded.

Press record, play some notes, press stop, it will wipe the entire previously recorded part.

*edit - you know I just noticed that if I set record mode to ‘new/mix’ it’s fine. Is this a new C6 thing…?

Yes, that was the known workaround in Cubase 6.0.1. But, for me at least, it is fixed now. I can merely suggest trashing Cubase Preferences, and let Cubase rebuild them on next launch. (I can’t think of any other reason why it should not be working for you now).