weird mixer wiev


My mix console 1 usually shows up like this (see attatchment)

What did I do and how do I fix it?

Mix 2 and 3 are fine
weird mixer.jpg

The faders section looks very stretched. Can you resize that section of the mixer using click-and-drag at the edges? Activate the fader section, hover over the connecting line between the faders section and the rack section, then click-and-drag to resize. Is that what you mean?

I dont think there is anything we can do, I have not solved this either.
Its in steinbergs hands now.

are you using dual screens ?

select mixer and press G or H?

Happened to me and I fixed it by adding the control room and everything back to the mixer…closed it and when I opened it back up it was rendered correctly…

sometimes always on top causes it as well ,right click for full screen if on dual monitors :wink:

And now mixconsole 2 is like that too.

REALLY annoying. Please fix