Weird multi-repeat behaviour and the unexplainable fix

This was an issue in dorico v5 and still persists in v5.1 when importing XML files.
Some “unwanted” data is getting imported during an XML import (a finale file)
Now, after several experimental hours, found a work-around fix that others may be interested to learn but more importantly i’d like to know if it is possible to avoid the issue in the first place.

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I suspect that the 4/4 you deleted had imported as a one-staff time sig. I can’t think of another reason why 4/4 remained when you deleted it, and that would explain why the repeat setting wasn’t working.

You’d need to provide the original MusicXML file in order for us to investigate further.

here you go-
jump, van halen.xml (58.5 KB)
once imported,- add repeat marks to the start and end and set to multiple repeats. (ie x3 x4 etc)
then check engrave settings to ensure the display options for repeat count are set.
then follow the video (above)

Thanks for providing the MusicXML file. The issue is indeed that there are multiple time signatures in force at the start of the flow. MusicXML doesn’t handle linked notation and tablature particularly elegantly (that is to say, it doesn’t really handle it at all) so Dorico uses heuristics to determine whether the separately encoded notation and tablature in the MusicXML file are intended to be for a single instrument. I think what’s happening is that Dorico is nevertheless ending up with the time signatures for both parts in the MusicXML file in the resulting flow.