Weird Notation Behavior in Dorico Pro 5 (latest version)

I’m working on a piece that uses VSL SYzd instruments.
Specifically the Boobam set of drums.
For some weird reason there are sections where the rests have disappeared and repeat bars are no longer playing back as they did before.
I’ve been trying to restore the rests without success yet.
Anyone else having similar problems?
Here’s the diagnostics file that may help for those that know what to look for:
Dorico (1.2 MB)

When I tried creating a sample project file, trimming the bars before the problem sections, all the rests mysteriously reappeared. That’s why I’m not sending it. My take is that it wouldn’t show the issue.
The score looks like this:

Hi @algae592009 maybe this was the consequence of Remove Rest. Select all the passage with the marquee tool, or shift+click, right click Filter>Notes and Chords, in the properties see if Strat Voice or End Voice override is active: if yes, deactivate the override (set the blue switches to off)

I tried that again, but I don’t get anything in the properties view; just the Common options.
Now one section seems to show correctly after I reset to original position the cross staff option, but another section still doesn’t respond to any of those changes.

If you have any tuplets, you’ll need to deselect those, until you have only notes selected. Then you’ll see the properties. (You can also filter to deselect.)

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