Weird Panning Issue (in group tracks and in genera)

Hey, I am new to Cubase and have a weird issue. It’s probably a no-brainer solution but I am at my wits end:

  • Audio Tracks (DI’s) are only audible on the left side before I add an amp sim. Panning works after but only outside group tracks.
  • I want to set up a group Track with both L and R Guitar Tracks but when I pan the right Track to, well, the right side its not audible anymore and I can see on the fader that there is no input from my Interface anymore. But even the audio from the left track, when panned to the left side, is centered. I’ve tried just panning (the drag bar on top of the fader) and selecting Stereo right or left as the output.

I realize that this is most likely a beginners issue but I’ve been searching for a solution for hours and seem to find nothing.

Hello and welcome.

Can you post screenshots of both the project view and the mixing console? You might only be able to post one screenshot at a time as you are new to the forum.
The screenshots will help us understand what you are dealing with.

…and we need to know what interface and the system specs would help as well.

Go to studio setup and make sure you´re using the correct driver provided by your audio interface manufacturer. In case of windows should be some ASIO driver.
Make sure you have active all ins and outs in your audio connections.