Weird pitch bend anomaly triggering on playback


So is anyone else having this issue? On playback, I started getting random pitchbend transposition on various instruments. Sounds like my chart is haunted! I have unplugged my midi controller several times. This just started happening in the last couple of days and am not sure if it has to do with a recent apple update? Anyone have any idea?

I’m afraid each time this kind of thing happened, the user had to clean the MIDI hardware connected to Dorico… Does it still happen when it’s unplugged (not clear to me reading you)?

YES! Tried unplugging several times! Ugh… this is a bugger ! Not sure why this may be happening? And for what it’s worth, this is still happening on playback after I’ve unplugged the keyboard. So, either Dorico has taken in some random velocity midi info and turned it into auto bend/transpose… or I’ve got a gremlin living in my MAC.


I’ve (for the moment) narrowed it down to one track. It’s may frenchhorn track and is playing up one step. I have the play techniques window open but other than a legato making don’t see anything?

If you can reproduce the problem with a cut-down version of the project, please attach that cut-down version here, and we’ll take a look and see if we can figure it out.