Weird playback after 6.06 update help pls

After updating from.05 to .06 I opened a song hit play and the vocal track did not play.
after a reasonable search for why I opened routing. Track was routed to stereo out re-clicked stereo out and hit play vocal track plays back. Hit stop and play no vocal playback. Copied track and pasted to a fresh track same thing.
Exported mix down no vocal track.
As far as I can deduct its only this one track doing this.
Didn’t have time to open a new song.
Any ideas? This song is a work in progress and this song played back fine until update.
I’m stumped!
Headed to studio tonight, anyone ever experienced this?

By the way I’m not a new member. Been using Nuendo since 1.6.

Thanks Lydiot. Probably need to do this anyway.
I’ll give it a try.

What is the best way to trash prefs?

Sadly a lot of the prefs is in just one file, the Default.xml. And that’s also often the one that crash / needs to be deleted.

To test if it is the prefs that is the culprit you can do this:[keyword_search]=preferences

And here is a document describing the different files:[keyword_search]=preferences

Don’t forget the KB guys! It is in fact getting better and better.


Thanks so much. This really helps Pal.
I’ll post the results either way. Never seen this problem before. I’ve never had ANY serious problems with Nuendo so I’m blessed.