Weird Plugin Issue

Has anyone experienced this: After installing UADx VST3 plugins all of my Waves VST3 plugins revert to running in ‘Demo’ mode and have to be reinstalled!

This happens every time I install new UADx plugins, but I can’t determine whether it is caused by UAD, Waves or Nuendo.

How do you authorize the Waves plugins?
USB stick? Or computer?

Maybe it makes a difference. I’m using a thumb drive and I don’t have this issue. But I have issues with the UA connect from time to time.

My Waves plugins are all authorised to the PC.

I notice that WavesShell1-VST3 14.12_x64.vst3 resides in c:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 and so do all the uaudio_xxxxx.vst3 files.
Before the uaudio files were added today the Waves plugins were working correctly. After the uaudio files were added all the waves files went into ‘demo’ mode! Happens every time. Very Strange.