Weird positioning problem

I’m trying to lay out a percussion part with 5 different instruments. The note under the ad lib. in the centre of the clip should have Sus. Cym. over it, and piano under it.
The Sus. Cym. and ad lib collided, so I attempted to move the ad lib to the right of the Sus. Cym. label, but each time I move it, the instrument change label and the piano dynamic fly away as you can see in the clip! Pressing undo actually makes it worse, the labels fly even further away.
Positioning change.PNG
Positioning change 2.PNG
What have I done?

Also as a feature request. I’d like to be able to select the instrument labels and re position them, including lining them up in a row.
In the attached image, the B.Dr and l.v. collide, and I can’t re position them. If I increase the minimum distance of the instrument change above the stave in engraving options, then all the other labels move as well.
l.v. collision.PNG

Some of these kinds of problems tend to go away if you close and reopen your project. Would you be willing to zip up and attach your project here so I can take a look?

You cannot currently nudge instrument change labels or warnings in Engrave mode, but it is certainly in our plans to allow this soon.