Weird preview behaviour

Dear fellow-Nuendo-users, I’ve got this weird preview-behaviour:

I’ve got 4 MediaBay-Aspects:
1 with 5.1 FX
1 with 5.1 music-beds
1 with stereo drumloops
1 with stereo commercial music (in fact; my iTunes library)
When I preview a 5.1 file (from a 5.1 “aspect”) all sounds good through 6 speakers, but when I switch to a stereo “aspect” and preview a file from within that, the preview plays back on my front L-R speakers while the previous-previewed-5.1-file plays back on my Ls and Rs speakers simultaneously!
Even when I switch back aspects, nothing helps, only restarting Nuendo helps, but even then, when I preview 5.1-files again, this weird previewing keeps on appearing…

Is anyone familiar with this?
Any help welcome.

Thanks in advance.
Niek/ Amsterdam.

…and I’ve found out that, when previewing mono-files after previewing stereo files, the mono file plays back from either side of my front LR-speakers and the previous-previewed-(stereo)-file plays back from the other side of my LR-speakers…
It’s getting weirder and weirder?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Media Bay has a few channel issues that need to be ironed out. I would do whatever you can to minimize the effect on your own.

Another one to look out for…

if you import a stereo file to the timeline and split it to dual mono on import… that particular stereo file will not be able to be imported as interleaved or dual mono in that session ever again.You’ll only get the mono L channel. Many SFX collections contain audio files with several takes of a sound, sometimes you just need mono, other times you need stereo. Can’t do it in Nuendo because of this.

I would not get my hopes up that this bug will be addressed quickly. This summer will be 2 years that it’s been an issue that is being ignored. I wish SB would realize that these little things have huge impacts on deadlines. So much so that I spent $300 bucks on basehead, $700 on pro tools and $2000 on the surround option to avoid it. Not to say that PT doesn’t have issues, but nothing that makes me swear outloud.

Hi Niek,
thanks for reporting. We know this bug and we want to fix it. Probably we can do this in the next major update.


Thanks Thorsten and KDS,

…really looking forward to that update!

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Thorsten - sorry to hijack the thread, but I have an old annoying, time wasting bug that I have tried to get fixed for over 4 years now - how do I go about getting SB to address it? I’ve tried reporting on the old forum and it was allegedly bug-based (4 years ago), I’ve tried working with support (with no results) and even tried contacting some SB management here in the U.S. that I know to get something resolved. I’m beyond frustrated…

Communicating about communication is hopeless. Just fyi.