Weird prob w/C6.01/GAO not remembering tweaks

Aloha guys,

Since installing and using C6.01 I have noticed that the GAO plug does not remember things like:
1-Volume settings
2-Pad settings
with songs done previously in C5 or C6.

When I open a song done in C5 or 6, GAO will open with the correct instrument loaded but
all sounds are back to generic settings (re vol and pan)

Here is the weird part;
All I have to do to get things back to ‘normal’, is to tap once on each used pad on the GAO GUI.

Each pad sound will then instantly go back to its ‘tweaked’ settings.

Now the song can be re-saved and then re-opened and everything is back to normal.

Anyone else notice this? After all, we were warned that 6.01 might come with some challenges.