Weird problem...halp needed asap

Hi everyone…i just experienced today the strangest problem in Nuendo 7.1…I reopened a mix(quite heavy project) today aftes last working on in last night and its completely messed up. in of he stereo channels is only playing white noise although the waveform seems normal in teh project window. if i double click to open the editor i still see the noprmal waveform but if i zoom in a little i see the full white noise waveform appear in sted…if i zoom out i see the normal wave again. I also tried everything from resetting the mixer, to opening older versions of the mix but same thing. another channel seems to be working ok but at some point turns to white noise as well…always the same bar… also even weirder…if i listen closely i hear a guitar part recorded for a project about a couple of years ago thats not even on the hard drive and if i play the wav file straight from the hdd its that guitar part… i should say that the project folder im working in is unique as i backed up the project after editing and used the clean new project…is seems that somehow the two waveforms merged…is this some king of hdd problem or sth. Im almost done with the mix and as i have the clients here i really need to sort this out asap as its a huge mix so any help would be appreciated.

I’ve seen this more frequently than I care to name although I’ve never fully figured out the cause. The only advice I can give is:

  • make sure you aren’t switching application focus once the project is open
  • certain plug-ins seem to trigger it (although how that then affects the waveform when zooming in is beyond me)
  • try copying the project to a different drive
  • audio->bounce (consolidate event) the offending audio so it creates a new file (this seems to temporarily cure the issue for that event)

Good luck!

That happened to me twice and I realized , in my case, was a faulty Hard Drive. Try transferring the whole session to another drive and see what happens.