Weird Problem Mac -2 "Cubase" Menu Dropdowns

This is a weird problem that is not in itself very problematic but I’m afraid it may be symptomatic of something deeper as I’m having some other problems as well.

After a while when working in Cubase two “Cubase” menu items appear at the top of the screen next to the apple icon. The first one does nothing and the second does its normal functions.

I’ve been working a lot lately with multiple VST instruments (Kontact 4, Absynth, Halion Sonic and some other synths) and I think that may be part of it as it does not seem to happen when just doing audio work.

Also last night, when adding a vsti, the ASIO meter pegged and things got real whacky as in distortion, and erratic computer behavior. Turning off/unloading vstis did not help nor did quitting Cubase and reopening project however quitting Cubase and restarting computer did. After that the project worked fine including the last added vsti (Korg MonoPoly) that set things off before.

I’m not sure if these issues are connected or not, hopefully the one involving ASIO meter pegging will not be ongoing but I thought I’d report this much to see if anybody has experienced similar or has any ideas.

Thanks, Stephen

Not sure, what you mean by ASIO metre pegging but I also have the second Cubase dropdown menu as you described. I think it came with Cubase 6. It’s not there initially but sometimes suddenly appears without me noticing. It’s just there when I look at the menu bar. I never mentioned it before, because I thought I was the only one and noone would take it seriously anyway. But, yes, it sucks. I am on OS X 10.6.8 and Cubase 6.0.2
Let’s compare 3rd party plug-ins. I use Komplete 6 (Kontakt 2-4, Battery 2+3, Absynth 4+5, B4II, FM8, Guitar Rig 3+4, Massive, Pro-53), Virus TI, all KORG Legacy Plug-ins, soniccharge microtonic + synplant, plogue chipsounds, PSP nitro, u-he ACE and triple cheese, Voxengo SPAN & TubeAmp. When I work in Cubase, I very often use Kontakt 4, Battery3 and Virus TI.


This has been reported in at least two other threads. So far, any KORG title and Plogue’s Bidule will create the second Cubase menu title… and that seems to be it.

Plogue is aware of the problem. Don’t know about KORG.

This only occurs in C6.

As to the meter pegging…more than likely Kontakt 4’s memory management clashing with multiple instances of K4 VSTi’s. Try building a multi in K4 with a single instance loaded into the VST Instrument rack and see if it gets better. Also might experiment with K4’s memory management options. In some cases, turning it off can improve things.

It doesn’t seem to me that N.I. is at all sure how to optimize K4 or make cogent recommendations about its Memory Management. It would seem to me that if you’re running in 64 bit, the Memory Management would just be an unnecessary way to save RAM. In my testing though, I find more K4 instances loaded up with less stuff is optimal for CPU use in C6. Multiple instances of VE Pro help even more-but I have 18 gig or RAM, so I don’t miss the bit that multiple instances takes.

Thanks for all responses, had a successful session last night with no Asio spikes, double Cubase menu item remains. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Stiller, I’m not in the studio now so can’t give a complete list of plugs however those we have in common are Absynth 5, Battery 3, Kontact 4, FM8, Massive, Guitar rig 4 (all from Komplete 7), also Pro 53 and Korg Legacy. I do not have any Plogue products so it looks like the Korg Legacy plugs are the main suspect as weasel said.

I’m not super worried about the menu thing as long as that’s the only symptom of that bug. If the spikes resurface, I’ll look into kontact’s memory management.

Thanks, Stephen

smart, your system is almost an exact duplicate of mine. The only thing I don’t have is the Korg plug-ins…and I’ve never seen your issue.

You’re not alone. Check this thread over at Nuendo - double menus.


I have the same problem here, double Cubase menu next to the Apple.
Anything I should know? Is it a sign of something bad?

I have the same problem here, double Cubase menu next to the Apple.
Anything I should know? Is it a sign of something bad?

If you have the same problem you must be running one of the KORG plug-ins. Since this bug was first posted, Plogue Bidule has fixed this issue in their software…so the only known plug-ins that still do this in Cubase 6 are the KORG titles.

As to whether it is dangerous…nah. Although an unsettling looking thing (a plug-in forcing an extra entry into the Cubase menu bar), it is a benign and minor bug. And pretty much a KORG issue.