Weird problem with MR816

Hello, I have some weird things going on on my system. I have a Win 10 install with Cubase 10 and a lot of software and plugins and all the recommened tweaks on windows and the tips from Steinberg for the MR816. I really followed everything, tried to change back again to see if the problem is solved, but no success. The problem is the following. When I start windows then want to play a song, sometimes the audio has major dropouts from the start, like half second of the audio works, the rest of the second not, and its constantly like this. The thing is, sometimes it works properly when I start windows. Usually when I restart it again after that occurs, it is fine. Im not 100% sure, if that pattern is true like this, but that’s my perception. But the problem itself is very clear and I have tried a lot, even I have another install of windows 10 on another SSD without any windows tweaks and no other tweaks also. There it seems to work properly so far. I maybe started that new windows 20 times and never a problem. The problem is, I really don’t want to install everything again on that new SSD, it would take one week or so. What could be the problem. Does anyone has some ideas?
Thanks in advance