Weird Rest problem

Does anybody have any idea what is going on in the Oboe 2 part circled below? The part looks fine but the full score is showing some extraneous rests. Everything on the properties panel is set to default and the two cue-ish looking rests are not selectable.

Was this an XML import?
Usually select the whole bar and shift-B rest will fix these anomalies.

Looks like an extra voice, I normally just select the bar and press delete. If that doesn’t work then select the bar, then Edit > Remove Rests.

No, it wasn’t an XML import. Remove rests removed the whole rests and not the offending rests.

Are the extraneous rests still there after saving the document, quitting Dorico, and then re-opening the document in Dorico?

If everything you have tried does not succeed in deleting/removing the rests, I would suggest adding a blank bar at the two locations, copying and pasting the notes you want into them, and then deleting the two recalcitrant bars. Taking a screen shot before doing that will assist in any re-doing of the dynamics in case they move around in the process.

We’ll need to see the project itself, or ideally a minimal example cut down from the whole project, to be able to offer any useful assistance.

OK, this seems to only happens in Galley view of the full score. Everything looks fine in page view and either view of the parts. I have attached a copy of the project where I have deleted all the notes but left everything else. Look at measures 217 and 219 for Oboe 2 and also measure 220 for the Horns and the Tuba. It looks to me like the remnants of a cue but I have no idea what I may have done to get this.

Baboquivari_TC1.dorico (841.4 KB)

I have looked back at an earlier version of the project and there was indeed a cue at that location. I was shortening the passage and thought that I had deleted the cue and the notes before deleting the measures but apparently something from the cue did not get fully deleted. I am sure that I can clean it up but it also probably doesn’t really make any difference as it only shows up in Galley view.

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Cues are always shown in galley view (as described here), so perhaps that’s all that’s going on. I don’t see any stray rests in the Oboe 2, Horn or Tuba parts around bars 217 to 220, but I do see a bunch of Vln 1 cues in various instruments at bar 217.

Does the problem persist for you in the version of the project you uploaded, Bob, because it looks OK here?

The problem seems to have disappeared. The picture in my first post clearly shows what I was seeing and I am certain it had something to do with a cue being deleted but somehow not completely. When I have a little time I will try to recreate the problem and see if I can consistently reproduce it. If not, don’t worry about it, I’m sure it is just a flake of no significant importance.