Weird result when deleting a triplet

I have a bar of 5/8 and the first beat has an eighth note triplet followed by 3 regular eighth notes. I decided I don’t want the triplet there so I click on the 3, hit delete, and the last 3 beats shift over to the beginning of the bar. All I want is for the triplet to turn into a quarter note rest. Is there a solution?

What if you select the notes and the triplet before hitting delete?

Thanks fkretlow, tried that too, same result.

Do you have Insert mode turned on? If so, turn it off (over on the left panel in Write mode, or hit the letter I on your keyboard)

Tried it both ways but still just can’t get the quarter rest back.

With insert mode turned OFF I can’t replicate your problem, Richard - as long as both the notes and the triplet are deleted I get a quarter rest. Are you in v1.1? If not, update.

If you selected the tuplet bracket but not the notes, you converted the notes into “ordinary” (non-tuplet) notes, and Dorico shifted the rest of the music on the staff to the right to make room for them.

That would be more useful if (when?) there is the reverse option, to convert ordinary notes into tuplets.

If you can’t “undo” that edit (e.g. because you closed the project), go into insert mode, select one of the 8th notes, and hit delete. That should leave you with two 8th notes and put the rest of the music back in the right place.

The leave insert mode and delete the other two 8th notes.

Otherwise, I don’t understand why fkretlow’s method didn’t work for you - that’s what I do. Maybe Dorico’s engraving options say there should be two 8th rests here - remember that [2+3]/8 has a different beat pattern from [3+2]/8.

“Normal rests” in Dorico aren’t actually “things” - they are just “gaps between the notes” which Dorico fills up with the appropriate notation according to the engraving options. If you want to override that, you need to create an explicit rest:

Go into note entry mode. Select “force duration” (the padlock item) on the left panel, or press “o”. Select a quarter note. Then press “,” to create a rest, and hit any of the A-G keys. Press “,” again to stop creating rests and “o” again to remove the forced duration option.

I do have the latest updates. I did delete each note of the triplet individually and then entered a quarter rest and did get my rest back all the correct number of beats in the bar so I can at least edit it now. I’m working on a sketch and things will get changed and I have to admit I still have difficulty changing bar meters without messing everything else up and this problem, not understanding why it even happened.