Weird Rewire bug.

Hi All,

I would just like to report a bug.

When i have Reason 6.5 Rewired, i have had some strange behaviour not there in previous versions.

I set up a Redrum and wired the individual outputs on the back of the redrum to the audio inputs, giving me individual control in Nuendo over each sound in the redrum.

For example, Kick drum in input 3, snare in input 4 and hihat in input 5. This gives me 3 individual rewire tracks in Nuendo to process individually.

This works fine for a while. The all of a sudden, in the arrange window the kick track disappears and i have 2 instances of the HiHat track. (basically input 3 disappears and there are 2 input 5’s).

If i go into the reason rewire settings in Nuendo and disable and then enable this hihat and the kick it seems to come back, but then it goes again.

It will show up in the mixer, but sometimes i have tracks in the mixer disappear and reappear.

Anyone else have this, and can it be sorted (I have the latest 6.0.3 update too, and i am on a Windows 7 PC).