Weird side-chain stuck window crash.

This is an odd one. I do not yet have anything like a step-by-step way to re-create it.

I use a Macro to duplicate a track without the data, I have this macro assigned to Alt-D. In 9.5 it worked perfectly and was very useful.

In using this macro, but also perhaps related to other key combinations, the Side Chain window opens.

When the Side Chain window opens, it can not be closed. No side-chain can be assigned. The only way out is to Ctrl-Alt-Del, to invoke Task Manager and End Process on Cubases.

This has happened several times in the last few days. It has happened before and after my system’s Preferences were reset.

I’ll post a screen-shot next time it happens, if possible.

Anyone else seeing a stuck Side Chain dialogue?


Please attach the screenshot.

Next time it happens I’ll try to capture it. The two or three times it has happened I was too busy to stop and do that.

yes me to. same problem when duplicating channel (alt+d in my key commands).


It seems the same topic is discussed here.

The two seem, perhaps, related somehow, but they aren’t identical.

Right. It happens when I use Alt-D to duplicate a track without content. It may have also happened once when I was setting up a side chain.

I get a “stuck window” and then the Side Chain dialogue opens, then another Side Chain dialogue opens. There’s no way to close these odd “side chain dialogues” that open up. Parts of the program continue to operate, but there’s no way to save and close the project. The only way out is to use Windows Ctrl-Alt-Del and then shut down Cubase from the Task Manager (windows).

Next time it happens, I’ll try to grab a screen shot, if possible. Sorry to not be able an exact step by step way to duplicate this.