Weird Solo Issue

I’m having a weird problem with Cubase, both 11 & 12. Whenever I select the solo button on any channel it solo’s the channel I’ve selected, but it also selects another channel at the same time and solos it.

It’s always the same channel, an instrument channel that’s linked to Battery. When I unselect the channel I initially selected, it doesn’t unsolo the additional Battery channel that I didn’t select in the first place.

This has made the solo function basically useless. I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out why this is happening!

I’m thinking of recording the info that’s on the Battery track to an audio track and just eliminating the Battery track, but obviously I would like to resolve this so it works properly.

Is there any way I could have inadvertently done something that’s causing this to happen or is this some new bug I’ve discovered?

Do you have any midi remote control devices in your setup by any chance?


Does this happen with only one project or any?