Weird sound change

Hi, I’m using Cubase Pro 10 only a few days and noticed a strange thing.
I plugged Xbox One controller in computer, it has it’s own audio jack and I plugged my headphones in it. I noticed that sound differs much from when I use my speakers or my headphones plugged in computer’s audio jack (not in Xbox One controller). Also, when I use Xbox controller, I have a notification that music sample rate lowers up do 8K Hz (with computer I have 40.1 KHz). I think it causes such strange difference in sound, but I couldn’t google an answer. So why is that so?

Hi and welcome,

If the Sample Rate changes to 8kHz, then is no wonder, the sound is totally different.

I don’t know the device, but are you sure it does support 44.1kHz and you can use it as a serious Audio Device?