Weird Sound in GrooveAgent SE 4 in Cubase 9.0.40

Hi. I’ve had this problem in GrooveAgent that comes and goes. I guess I’d describe the noise as sort of like a static crackle sound that occurs with every note that’s played on a given GrooveAgent track. It doesn’t happen all the time. And if I change the track to another VST like Halion Sonic or whatever it’s called, and then back to Groove Agent, that usually fixes it. Of course, if I have multiple GrooveAgent tracks running, I have to change them all to the other VST first and then back to GrooveAgent so it’s not an easy fix. I can’t predict when it will happen either. It only happens with Groove Agent and not with any other audio tracks or VSTs. I’m using a PC, Intel core i5 2.3 GHz with 8 GB DDR4 Memory.

Thanks for any advice. I haven’t seemed to find anyone else experiencing this, which is strange.