(weird time signature)I freestyled a couple of chords and i need too find the time signature

long story short i freestyled a couple chords in a specific manner at 80bpm and I’ve tried fitting them into common time signatures like 4/4 etc. but they loose there groove along with a delay that it has, by delay i mean the piano has a delay i put on it specifically that gives it a nice rhythm and bounce too it so the chords must remain in the same spots they are now i just need too find a specific time signature for it, I’ve tried all kinds of time signature’s but none of them fit this chord progression, and now my last question do i need to even give it a a specific time signature or could i just ignore the the time signature part and just produce the song in terms of a freestyle type of way , i feel like the song needs a specific time signature but i am unsure how to find it i am a beginner at doing this things can you guys help me? I’ve been at it for weeks now and i cant find anything on the internet about making you’re own time signatures please!!! i need help, feel free too ask questions and give me you’re suggestion’s ( i will try too link a video of this issue)


You can ignore the Time Signature. It helps to make the music better readable, but technically, it doesn’t matter. Maybe your Time Signature is changing in the song, isn’t it the case?

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Ahh I see at least now I know it’s not that important and I can relax a little, how ever I think it be usful too know it or give it one if it’s possible Because I like to be really structured and have all the info of the songs on hand incase I need to give somebody else the right info in case of a possible colab etc. plus it also might help with the grid and helping me place instruments in the right place more or less, I am uploading a video too my current YouTube channel so y’all can see what I’m working with, almost forgot to answear you’re question!, the song or chords are pretty steady they strum in a pattern of 4 it’s it’s Amx4 Emx4 Dmx4 Emx4 so it’s basically strum strum strum strum 4 times at 80bpm it’s pretty steady.


To me it sounds like simple 4/4. It’s just the tempo that doesn’t match so the grid doesn’t line up.

What if you try the other way around? Match the tempo to what you already have. You could glue the midi parts together and run tempo detection.

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I will try but I think you Have too watch the video to see what am sayng it appears to be a simple 4/4 but the grid won’t match, let me try and I’ll get back to you, how do you run the tempo detector?

ok i just tried it and the midi just moves along with the grid, is that supposed too happend? isnt the midi supposed to stay in the same place and the grid juist move too match wtvr im tryng too match?

nope you was wrong, it was a 11/8 time signature it was no were near 4/4 that was the whole point of this thats why i named it “odd time signature” but the blame is all mine how could i not seen this!!! thanks for tryng at least.

Good you have it sorted.