Weird timeline display issue

I’ve just run into an issue in my current project where the timeline (which I assume is the correct name for what I’m trying to describe) is working as per usual, but when I open up the MIDI editor the timeline uses some different display format or something. I’d greatly appreciate it if anyone can explain what I’ve done to mess this up.

Since I’m certain I can’t properly explain it via text, here’s a couple of pictures to explain the situation.

When viewing the project normally, I see this:

Then, if I open the MIDI editor for any track, the timeline randomly thinks that each event is starting however far it decides into the first bar (when they actually start at the start of the first bar):


Timeline is OK term, but in Cubase we use Ruler. :wink:

On the right side of the Ruler, you can find an arrow down button. Click on it, and select Bars&Beats from the drop-down menu.