Weird transport behavior - playing from selection even though that is not toggled in the menu?

I generally do not like the transport to play from a selected event. My preferred behavior is for it to play from previous the start position. However lately I’m noticing something which is driving me up the wall - the transport will automatically jump ahead from ANY selected item, including a single midi note inside of a region, or even one automation node. When making automation adjustments, I want to go back and hear everything in context, but instead if will just play from the last selected node, which is really confusing.

Now that Cubase 13 offers these different settings in the menu, I have “Return to Start Position on Stop” checked. I do NOT have “Start from Selection Start” checked.

Current settings in the menu -

Is this a bug or a setting somewhere that I’m missing?

FWIW I only use space bar to start/stop the transport, never any other keys.


Do you have the Transport > Video Follows Editing On/Off option enabled by any chance?

Hi, yes, I had enabled it recently to be able to see the video update in real time as I move events. However this behavior happens on another project, which doesn’t even have a video at all! I see now that if I turn it off, the behavior returns to what I am expecting.

Is there any reason the transport will jump to selected events such as midi notes, and automation nodes, which have nothing to do with the video itself, especially if a project doesn’t even have a video? But even in a project which does have a video, seems a little odd to play from selected automation nodes, since that doesn’t logically have to do with video. Is this a bug?

Thank you!


The function is not linked to the video at all. The same behaviour happens if you select any event.

The setting is global for all projects.

Hmm, I find that rather confusing. So the feature “video follows editing” has nothing to do with video? Maybe it should be called “cursor position follows editing”?

Also confused how that would different from the other menu options for start mode - “start from selection” for example. Seems like the same thing, no?

So when it comes to working in a project which does have video, there would be no way of seeing the video update as you drag a region, but still have the playback start from where you left off (rather than starting from an automation node)?


This dewfines the behaviour while editing.

This defines where does the playback start.

To achieve this, enable the Video Follows Editing mode, please.

Right, but my question regarding the last thing is, to have video update and not have it play back from selected events (like automation and midi). Kinda sounds like you’re saying it’s either/or.

“Video follows editing” appears to also force a start from selection, hence my confusion.


Yes. There is no way around it.