Weird Triplet Behavior

Hello all,

I don’t know if this is a bug or I’m doing something wrong but sometimes when I’m inputting a string of tuplets, Dorico will randomly add many tuplets and change the duration. I’ve attached a video to show the behavior. I have a drum set staff, but all these instruments are in the same layer and same stem direction. As you’ll see, it acts normal but then will randomly freak out.

Any tips would be appreciated!

I may have figured it out…

When I’m typing in the notes of the instruments on my MIDI keyboard or if a new tuplet starts with a different voice, Dorico seems to assume I want to start a new layer and causes the weird tuplet behavior. If I manually select the note before entering it in with the arrow keys (which will break the tuplet chain), it doesn’t do it but I will have to reinput the tuplet using the tuplet popover.

I would love to see Dorico treat a 5-line percussion staff like a regular instrument staff. There are so many things that are just annoying to percussion staves vs. regular instrument staves like unnecessary rests. I know this isn’t how Dorico treats percussion staves, as they are all separate instruments, but there should be a way to have different properties for different kinds of staves.

You’re certainly correct that there are some issues when working with tuplets with a percussion kit shown as a five-line staff. The complication is that when you create a tuplet, it has to be created on all of the instruments that are assigned to the same voice, and this doesn’t always work flawlessly. We do of course intend to fix these problems, and also to address the issues with rests, to try to remove some of these differences between unpitched percussion instruments and pitched ones. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Hi Daniel,

Absolutely no worries, and glad to hear these issues are being considered and addressed. Cheers!