weird upper menu bar freeze problem after closing a session

hi, i have this problem with several Cubase versions (10, 9.5, 9) on Windows 10 64 bit where sometimes i go to the upper menú bar and cubase gets completely frozen and everything else on Windows also, and the only way to solve this is closing the program on the task bar, its really annoying and happens every single day, i thought these kind of things would be solved on version 10 but nothing has happened! im disapointed, i hope someone has a solution to this.

pd: i hate Windows, i just dont have the money for a top Mac machine for now.

It can be a lot of things causing this.

Next time this happens. Right click on the cubase in task bar and select to make a crash dump.
Upload the crash dump here, so the expertise can take a look at it.

Also post your system info. It helps a lot to know what hardware and software versions you are using.