weird USB error Cubase 9.0.30

I keep getting a strange USB related eLicenser or soft-eLicenser error i can’t get rid of. Reinstalling all USB drivers did not get rid of it, and the latest eLisenser Control Center is installed.
Cubase 9.0.30 works but you have to OK this error each time, sometimes five times during C9 startup. See picture. - F

PS Is there a way of removing soft elicenser entries; i trialled 3 Groove Agent 4 kits, which i did not like, de-installed them, but they keep showing up in Control Center Maybe that’s the problem? - F
Cubase USB error.jpg

Hi there,

that’s a bad one.

It could be a production issue (in that case you should have seen that all the time since buying the dongle) or the dongle is failing.

I’d recommend to run the eLicenser Control Center (right-click -> Run as administrator) and run the maintenance.
This will also clean up the eLicenser memory and remove the expired trials.
Perhaps also try a couple different USB ports (ideally USB2 and USB3 if both available).

Looks like you still have an older dongle, you could also try to transfer the licenses over, if the problem persists after the procedure mentioned above.


I removed my Wavelab license from the old dongle onto a new one, and removed it; problem seems to be gone … thnx F