Weird use of HS with tablet/pen

Dear all,

Im using HS for almost half a year now and I pretty happy with it. Now I changed my laptop (using HS and other VSTis with masterkeyboards live) from a Lenovo X61 to a Lenovo X61t (tablet) which increases the handling a lot, especially in setting up sounds/scenes/songs.
But I found out that I now have to “double” tap the buttons in HS instead of usually doing just a simply mouse click to activate/navigate/choose and so on in HS. For example muting a slot needs a “double tap” with the tablet pen. Switching from the HS sound library tab to the options tab need a double tap and so on.
Basically not that big of an issue but when it comes down to a right-mouse click for e.g. Midi learn on slot volumes it`s almost not usuable.

Since this strange behaviour is only happening in HS and not in my other VSTIs (Kontakt, Alicias Keys, Scarbee Rhodes, B4 II) or my VST host brainspawn forte I guess that it has something to do with the HS programming.

I`m not really believing that this will be considered for one of the next updates but people are working more and more with tablets so it should be worth a thought.

Thanks a lot!
Best regards