Weird Vertical Lines on my project

I’ve opened up a project I created in Cubase 10.5 … in Cubase 11 Pro and there are lots of weird vertical lines all over the timeline.

The lines are yellow/organge and seem to be in regular intervals. Screenshots attached.

In a test copy of the project I’ve removed all VSTi’s, all channels and the lines are still there.

An ideas what it could be? Am I the only one with this issue?


Those kinda look like the new lines that were added to show where Markers are located. But that’s a huge number of lines. Do you have a Marker Track?

Hey thanks for your message.
No there isn’t a marker track in the project. Maybe I’ll try adding one and then removing it to see if that does anything… Cluching at straws here :thinking:

Does this only happen on that specific Project or do other older ones exhibit that behavior?

If you create a new blank Project and then add a few Tracks do yo see the lines in that? If not, then try importing all the Tracks from the ‘broken’ Project & see if they bring lines in with them.


Sorry I don’t have an answer but I do have a similar issue, ie a 10.5 project I’ve been working on has a couple of orange vertical lines when I open in 11 (not when I open in 10.5), and I can’t work out what they are either - I haven’t used a marker track in the project. I would send a pic but am struggling to attach images to a post.

I had this with old projects that I opened in 11 and my default template project.

There were 3 vertical lines at bars 1, 9 and 11
I never use marker tracks but… After some poking around I added a new marker track and there markers at 1, 9 and 11. I deleted them and ghe lines were gone. Then I removed the marker track.

Seems I had some invisible markers on my default project template I’d been using for several years.

Your solution worked for me MikeAsh. Thank you!

Fantastic thank you!

Thank you everyone for your help.

I can confirm this is solved by simply adding a Marker track and then clicking undo on the ‘add new track’ action. And all the vertical lines disappear.

Right… Back to composing!!

Best wishes, Nick