Weird Waveforms


Iʻve been recording on a Zoom H2 microphone and then importing the audio into Cubase. I always keep the recording low (averages under -12db on the microphone). When I import it into Cubase however I get flat tops and bottoms like the audio is clipping. However the audio doesnʻt sound distorted and I donʻt hear any clipping.

When I play the audio from the 48_24 track in the picture, the meter peaks at -4.7 db. That doesnʻt seem like it reflects the waveform (if it truly was flat topped it would peak at 0 right?).

The audio in the 48_24 Bounced audio track on the bottom was from bouncing the 48_24 audio at -12 db and it is basically the look I expect to see in my waveforms (no flat topping).

Anyways is there something I am doing wrong to get all the flat tops? Do I need to record at a lower volume then I am?

Hi and welcome,

Set the vertical waveform zoom down, please. You can find it above the vertical scroll bar.