Weird window bug when opening VSTi

I’m pretty late to switching to Cubase 8 and I’m not sure how to search for this topic so apologies if its been discussed. but I have this weird issue in Cubase: when I open a VSTi, while the VSTi is open, I can’t click on anything outside of the VSTi in Cubase. Its like the VSTi is the only thing that responds to the keyboard and mouse. When I minimize and maximize Cubase the issue goes away but its annoying to have to do this every time I open a VSTi. Any help with this guys? thanks so much in advance


This, what you are describing happens, when you open 32-bit plug-in in 64-bit Cubase. Internal VST Bridge is used, and the behaviour is like this. I would strongly recommend you to upgrade your plug-in to 64-bit and use 64-bit plug-ins only, if possible. This will allow you to use more memory, and even the performance of Cubase decreases.

It might be an idea to give us more detail about your system. It is difficult to diagnose a problem with nothing to go on. From the sound of it Martin is pointing in the right direction.


can you please also verify that you are running the latest 8.0.20?

The initial 8.0.0 had a problem with plug-ins built in JUCE - the outcome varied quite a bit, from the most common menu disappearing to having all areas of Cubase not accessible when a VSTi was open (this happened with u-he synths, for instance).


Sorry, forgot to include my specs. And yes I am running all 64 bit plugins , there are no 32 bit plugins running.

Cubase 8.0.0 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit

Update: OK I Just noticed this is a U-he specific bug! Happens with Diva. This doesn’t seem to happen with other plugins.
I will upgrade to 8.0.2 and report back. thanks so much guys

ok, issue has been resolved in 8.02. Thank you so much!

Great, thank you for reporting!