Weirdness with Cubase 6 and Kontakt versions-Help!!

This is a tough one, because all of my elements are a combo of old and new, but what a mess I’ve gotten into. The bleeding edge-never again.

Specs first-Cubase 6.02 on an early 2008 Mac Pro 8 core flashed to run Mojave (thanks dosdude1!). SSD’s, 34 GB RAM.

I Carbon Copy Cloned my boot drive to have a backup and then upgraded my boot drive to Mojave. After some fussing, everything works now in Cubase-except Kontakt. For no apparent reason, my Plug-in information shows Kontakt 5.3.1 installed though my actual installed version is 5.8.1. I also have Kontakt 6.1.1 installed, that shows up as normal in the Plug in manager, and all of this happened before I installed Kontakt 6, so it isn’t that. I keep trying to “update plug-in information” or just “update” as those are the options in the plug-in menu, but to no avail.

Here’s the problem-Kontakt simply won’t load upon starting a new Cubase project or loading an old one. Neither K5 nor K6 load, EXCEPT, and this is totally weird, if Cubase crashes and I re-open it rather than quitting and starting over. THEN Cubase loads old programs with Kontakt setups or lets me open Kontakt in new projects. If I quit Cubase, same story-Kontakt won’t load. For a while I was getting around this because some plug ins were making the plug in manager crash, so then I re-opened and Kontakt worked. Unfortunately, I fixed the plug-in problem , now I can’t get Cubase to crash on command anymore (sigh).

Right now my only option is to load Kontakt into VEP, where it WILL load, both 5 AND 6. So strange.

Any genius out there with an idea? Thanks.