Weirdness with something


I’m trying, using the move to staff above then back down to swap the contents of 2 grand staff staves.

When I select the stuff I want to move out of the way:

Then hit N, I get this:

So it moves the clef and the rests and the bar repeats sign but not the notes…

This happens whether I do move to staff above, copy and paste and swap staff contents…

@dspreadbury I can’t e attach the project here but I’m quite happy to email it to you if that’s ok?

A. N is the key command to cross staff. You’re probably confusing it with Alt/Opt-N, which actually moves whatever’s selected to the staff above.
B. There’s a dedicated function, Edit > Paste Special > Swap, to which you could optionally assign a key command. This will do what you’re attempting in a single step.

Ah, maybe that’s the issue…

However, it was doing the same thing when I used copy/paste and using the swap contents command from my stream deck using the Scoring notes profile…

Thanks for answering though, as always Leo.


Yes, the Swap Staff Contents button on the Notation Express Stream Deck profiles does the same thing as Edit > Paste Special > Swap. It works as expected here. I suggest you select the passage and go Edit > Notations > Cross Staff > Reset to Original Staff before trying the swap command again.