Weirdness with transposing instruments

Dorico Version (Dec 6 2022), Mac Studio (Ventura, Apple Silicon).

I noticed a strange behavior of Dorico.
I create a new score, insert a transposing instrument, for example Horn in F, duplicate it because I need 2 Horns.
Obviously Doric assigns to the first Horn the nr. 1 and at the second the n. 2.
Now I insert some notes, the first horn, as we know, almost always plays the upper notes and the second the lower notes, very rarely and only for a few bars the opposite can happen.
Well, now I decide to replace the first horn with a horn with no pitch indication.
At this point the first horn, without indication of key, becomes the second horn and does not remain as the first horn, referring to its place, but moves precisely in position, positioning itself under the second horn!
This means that every time I need to make this change, I have to create a pair of horns again and copy and paste the notes for the exact matching horn.
Is the change wanted and why?
Obviously to correct this I have to create a pair of horns again, copy and paste the staves correctly.



I assume you mean no key signature.

This is a consequence of the default sorting order, and the automatic sorting feature. The horn with no key sig is later in the list (because they have to be in some order). I am away from computer right now so I can’t try it, but I bet if you set automatic sorting to None first, you can make such a change without the numbering problem .

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I solved by putting on “none.”
Thank you very much… :slight_smile: