Weiss Eq-1 and Maximizer causing Wavelab to cut off beginnings of tracks

First wavelab 10 project… under a tight deadline. Weiss plugs as clip effects causing the beginning of tracks to be clipped off.

  1. Tried to uncheck the rest plug-in under audio montage pref… that made things glitchy and worse.
  2. Tried real time rendering… no change
  3. Tried moving the markers forward (manual delay compensation) no change
  4. Tried increasing the buffer size to 1024 no change…
  5. Tried bouncing the selected clip in place, and as a single CD track… no change.

Ugh… Am I screwed? Do I need to remake this session in another app?

Yes, this happens with those plugins in my chain as well, I just insert 4-sec silence if I can at the start as a work around

I’ve been reporting this to Weiss beta for a few months now and they are finally just starting to look at it. The problem is within the plugin so currently, there are only workarounds as suggested above.

Hopefully Softube releases a fix sooner than later. I didn’t have this problem with the DeEsser plugins but the EQ1 seems to have this problem but after months of knowing about it, they haven’t fixed it yet.

I don’t think this plug is worth any sort of work around as there are many other good digital EQs out there. FabFilter and DMG EQ among many others work well in WaveLab today.

Thanks for the replies Justin/Chris.

Currently my workaround now is to bake the FX in ProTools prior to sequencing in Wavelab. I do hope that they fix the issue as I think the clip FX feature in Wavelab is highly intuitive and supports a good workflow.

FWIW… TDR plugs seem to work fine so far in WL10 too. :smiley:

Yes. I tried telling Softube that before they release such an iconic mastering EQ that they should make sure it works in perhaps the largest cross-platform mastering DAW but here we are :slight_smile:

I did get indication that they are finally looking into the bug so hopefully the next Softube update solves it.

And yes, Clip FX in the montage is what makes WaveLab unique and amazing. I’m in the habit of testing any new plugins that I introduce into my workflow because if you’re a new WaveLab user, you may find that some plugins are not well tested or supported in WaveLab and then you have to reach out to the plugin developer to see if they can test and support WaveLab to resolve any bugs such as this one.

Thanks Justin,

Definitely a new WaveLab user. Is there a compiled list of plug-ins that are known to work well? Or a compiled list of plugs that have bugs would be useful too! :wink:

I never have problems with Weiss EQ/Weiss maximizer If I use ITB. ( Mac/Mojave)
I have problems using External Fx. and Plug ins. I need to insert 3 second silence before Audi.

I don’t know of a formal list exits but historically, IK plugins have rendering issues, McDSP just crashes, Melda can have GUI issues, and I’m sure I’ll think of more I’m forgetting now.

I agree that a list would be good to compile and have online to view.

I stick with FabFilter, DMG, Sonnox, Goodhertz, Plugin Alliance, Leapwing, Tokyo Dawn, Sonnox, UAD, Oeksound, and most Waves and iZotope are OK in WaveLab.

The Weiss DeEsser series from Softube never gave me troubles in WaveLab but as soon as I tested the EQ I noticed the rendering problem.

Have you tried rendering the Weiss EQ when there are tight heads and tails on the audio clip? It’s easy to miss if you have a second or more of dead air on a clip, or maybe if you are at a lower sample rate…

But my experience on Mac Mojave is that the Weiss EQ doesn’t render correctly in the first few hundred milliseconds or the last, and this can be worsened by working at 96k and/or having a number of other plugins involved in the processing chain. I know another user reporting the same thing.

I was excited to finally use this classic EQ but in my experience, it’s not quite stable in WaveLab.

Thanks for this list! Super appreciate it. And BTW… super grateful for that tutorial you posted on YouTube. Saved me hours of time getting up and running. finger’s crossed on the EQ1 that it’s fixed at some point. It really is an incredible EQ… made me rethink my position on plug-ins in general. :slight_smile:

+1 that’s a helpful list. I’d add ApulSoft, Blue Cat, Klanghelm, PSP Audioware, SSL and Voxengo to that list.

I just received word that Softube has fixed the problem with the EQ-1 in WaveLab. Now I suppose we just wait for the public update of the plugin, hopefully soon.

I just received word that Softube has fixed the problem with the EQ-1 in WaveLab. Now I suppose we just wait for the public update of the plugin, hopefully soon.

Yes. They contacted me (indirectly), and then they were told how to do things correctly for the VST latency handling.
This is how communication should work with VST manufacturers, rather than accusing WaveLab of all evils :wink:

+1 for the eq1 being nothing to write home about as well. It causes very noticeable unwanted clipping if pushed. Kinda regret buying it and Il have a hard time selling it because I upgraded to the bundle, so my only licence for it covers everything in the weiss. However, im loving their germanium compressor