weiss settings midi import


Does anyone know if it is possible to download the Weiss Eq and DS1 settings to wave lab so the program settings stay with my mastering session? If so how can I achieve this?



Maybe if you have the Weiss unit midi connected to the computer, it would be possible to “dump” the snapshot of the Weiss settings (the unit’s menu key>system)?

I guess you would also have to try and get WL to “see” the Weiss unit as a midi device.

But I do not know if such “dump” can be used for anything more than a “backup” of the settings … as opposed to being brought into WaveLab itself as an actual WL setting that would auto recall the Weiss unit’s settings on opening the WL session. And we don’t have a Weiss here now so I can’t assist further.

The operation in page 664 is for setting up a MIDI controller to control Wavelab and has nothing to do with recalling. I’m pretty sure that you have to record a SysEx dump externally and play it with a MIDI player.