Welcome Romantique Tp, new External Moderator

Please join me in welcoming Romantique Tp as external moderator. He’s one of the most knowledgeable members on the forum about Cubase, daws and the digital media world, and, a Cubase user since the Pleistocene era :wink:

Welcome, Romantique!

Then please delete me. I don’t want to be a member in a place where this sort of people are moderators.

Welcome to a thankless task…good luck! :slight_smile:

Welcome and (like planarchist said) good luck Romantique TP.

Why so negative - no matter what the Problem is - just update all your gear and software and the world looks great again… :mrgreen:


Welcome, and an advance thanks for your time and work on this board.

Thanks everyone. I tend to be online at different times than the rest of the mod team so I hope to be able to help dealing with reports and urgent first posts faster.

Excellent choice for a new moderator.

As a reader more than than active participant, I’m always eager to read the informed words of Romantique Tp.

congrats for your new greenish world :mrgreen:

Welcome, congrats, and all the best.

Amazing, love RT!

Cool beans. Congrats :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Welcome to an ungrateful task, good luck! :slight_smile:

Welcome to your new task Romantique Tp. Although I have to say that I remember things being a lot more argumentative in the old days. All those people have either moved on or renamed themselves!

Nice to see that, Romantique! <3

I, for one, welcome our new romantic overlord.

Hello and happy easter :slight_smile:

gratz, and welcome.