Welcome SpectraLayers!


Why not commit to tape like in the olden days?
Do you HAVE TO juggle everything all the time until mixdown?
Also, it’s not meant to replace anything and nothing is taken away.
With SpectraLayer you get another tool that does its own thing and you don’t need it all the time on everything.
Just use it when you need it and commit to … hard drive. You can bounce the result, right?

I checked a bunch of youtube videos last night and SpectraLayer probably isn’t for everyone.
If you record “regular music”, mix it and send it away it’s probably only going to be an expensive doorstop.
But if you like to take already recorded stuff and twist it into new things of your sick imaginations … SpectraLayer is spectacular.
It’s more like a sound design tool and a sound re-design tool than a utility tool like WaveLab.
I have WaveLab and it’s integrated in Cubase just fine and it’s a fantastic tool that saves the day when there is an “oops” here and there, and that’s not the end of what you can do.

However, it’s not SpectraLayer.
Before Magix had SpectraLayer it was a Sony product and maybe it started even before that?
Magix released version 5 and now Steinberg releases SpectraLayer 6.
There are lots of youtube videos from older versions with spectacular stuff hidden under a lot of talk!
Man, can some people not get enough of their own voices haha!
Anyways …

What you apparently CAN do is to rip the organ out of Del Shannons “Runaway” so it almost sounds like it’s soloed with very little artifacts.
Since you won’t use the result of such an operation on its own but in a mix of some kind you can do that seamlessly.
If you can do that you can rip entire mixes apart and turn mono mixes into your own stereo mixes, remix them and add FX.
You can remove a police siren from one news segment and add that siren in the background of a video at the docks with tankers tooting their own horns.
You can add more reverb to the siren and clean it up and it sounds great among the boats.
Plus … you can choose to either have the siren completely inaudible in the news segment or you add it at a level where it doesn’t disturb the dialog.

Then there are these selection tools that are beyond iZotope RX where you can turn the audio file in 3d space to view it better.
You have a better selection of root tone and harmonics, you have tools to select wide and narrow, high and low.
And I haven’t even mentioned the PhotoShop like layers you can use as a mixer and get out of SpectraLayer individually into your DAW-
There are other things that just danced by on the screen fast that I would have to look closer at to describe.
This is not the end of the WTFs :astonished: :open_mouth: emitted last night over here, I can tell you!

And the videos I saw was from versions 2-5 …
Now SpectraLayer is a Steinberg product integrated into Cubase via ARA.
It could be worse?

I tried this a few years ago when I was naively attempting to separate vocals from a mix (you’ll never get a stem unless you got a stem).
After a week of fiddling, I abandoned it and it rotted on my hard drive until I built a new computer.
I still have the Sony license key somewhere.
I suppose it’s a good tool for cleaning up an otherwise pristine sample but its application is pretty narrow and it has a relatively steep learning curve.
It’s interesting, but not very useful for me.