Welcome to Cubase 10

I activated 9.5 this morning, and the license updated to 10 automatically. I bought the upgrade, but I wasn’t able to use it owing to having lots of overlapping projects.

At steinberg.net it says:
“Full support for high-resolution displays - Enjoy high-definition quality under current macOS (limited support for Windows 10).”

How limited would that be for windows users?

Could anybody please tell me if Cubase 10 will run on El Capitan? I really can’t upgrade my os at the moment.



It seems not yet directly and it’s a pity!

But it appears to be a workaround using the new convert track menu function where you can easily convert multi channel track to mono tracks and vice versa.

This let’s you group your drums or two mikes picking tracks into a multichannel one witch you can warp as one together and then eventually reconvert to separate ones after warping.
(I already did that using an external tool for conversion)

You also now have the facility to display a reference track in transparency in the audio editor.

No, that’s not included in C10. But that’s definitely on our list.

Stereo Combined Panner (Cubase Pro only)

Still??? Seriously, why is panning a PRO feature?
Why do I still have to use a free third party stereo combined panner VST, so I can move tracks between PRO and Artist?

This makes no sense and causes my band extra work to pass songs around. I must have logged this issue years ago.

October 15th from the Steinberg site.

Some very good improvements but I am afraid I don’t see anything about exporting videos… I am a user of Nuendo but if Cubase 10 was able to do that I would be more confortable…

I would also like to know before I purchase the upgrade if I can run it on El Capitan, the website says Sierra/High Sierra only. Is it a recommendation or a strict limitation?

Thank you

Hi folks,

I registered my Cubase 10 eLicenser code successfully, but having trouble registering eLicenser on MySteinberg account, who should I contact about that? Can’t find any support email on Steinberg support site.

We have tested it intensively on Sierra and High Sierra. Trial will be available soon. Maybe you should give it a test run on El Capitan first.

On behalf of the MANY Avid control users on the Cubase/Nuendo forums, could I ask if there any fixes or updates to Eucon integration in this release Matthias?

Is the complete changelog already available somewhere?

After one of the last surveys Steinberg stated that one of the issues raised there was the low latency/monitoring performance and that they wanted to look at it.
I don’t see anything mentioned in that regard… was something done there ?

A fantastic Update, thanks.

Awesome update,great job!!
Many congrats on the release of Cubase 10 :smiley:
As a new user of Cubase since joining,in ,June of this year.I shall look forward to learning a lot more,when I get days off work,he,he

The latency/monitoring performance is always connected to the general audio engine performance. There are two things in C10:

  1. The performance on systems with more than 14 logical cores has been significantly improved in particular.

  2. One of the results of the survey was, that the whole plug-in latency issue needs to be more transparent. That is why we introduced the Latency Monitor in the MixConsole. It helps you to identify the plug-ins in your routing that can cause latency trouble.

Can anyone tell me if the Cubase window on Windows still uses the menu on the title bar and forced max windows size?
And is there any improvement in the Remote control editor for external MIDI controller support? So we can dynamically use more than 8 external controls for VST’s and Instruments.

I’ve now watched a whole bunch of Cubase 10 videos. There are many additional things too not even mentioned here.

Congratulations to Steinberg, Cubase 10 does look like a fantastic release! :slight_smile: