Welcome to Cubase 10

Just downloading now and noticed the rev level is 10.0.5. Maybe an early update?

Hi – i didn’t realize Cubase worked with Mojave. I had a problem selecting my soundcard – cubase kept giving me a message something like “sorry that asio device could not be found”. even with built in audio. so i assumed it was Mojave and downgraded to Sierra. But – it works? No ASIO issues? Thanks…

Well I am a bit pissed off already, as now I have to use the Download assistant and there is only one 21 gig download. It will take me a week to download this as my internet speed is so slow (Currently 0.15 of a meg). With 9 I could download the content separately. It doesn’t occur to Steinberg that not everyone lives in areas with good broadband. Can I download to a remote computer using the Download assistant??


Hi, some nice features here in the audio editing section (but since I have melodyne it does not bring me anything).

I got Cubase back at Cubase 5 cause it was the best midi note editor at the time, but I am starting to doubt if that was a sound decision now when I see that 10 is another update without any new features in that area. I know you have a few suggestions in the forums, can you please stick some of them in the roadmap for version 11?

With the improvements that GA SE5 has (mainly browser and cleaner look) I don’t think I’ll even use the Sampler track much anymore. Finally GA SE seems usable.

+1. Thanks Matthias, very excited to hear this. Multitrack free warp is my most anticipated feature too.

And also, I truly appreciate all the hard work on Cubase 10… congratulations to you & your team on the new release!


Great update what I’ve found so far. Lots of meat and potatoes tools and less of the Himalayan salt stuff nobody actually uses. I like it.

Thanks to all of you for the positive spirit and the great feedback! All your requests and reports are noticed.

Have a great weekend,

Nice new pic Matthias!

Thank you Matthias and the whole Steinberg team! Cubase 10 hits a lot of great notes in an excellent direction, and most importantly, I really appreciate that it feels like you and the team LISTENED to us – it is evident IMO in the choice of features you released. Please continue this listening philosophy. I would NOT have upgraded to Cubase 10 without it! Now please squash the bugs asap! :slight_smile:

When I first opened it crashed LOL and I thought that is a good start. Black and white made my eyes water in 10 minutes and that long transport bar yuk. The lettering looked sort of fuzzy checked it against 9.5 and 9.5 looked crisper, better. Can I send it back I thought nope you can’t. Why didn’t I wait for the trail version? etc etc.

Two days later and after activating the HiDPI, tweaking color options it now looks fabulous. Snapshot my VST Instruments and now just slide them across when I want an instrument track. Love the new FX and the new content.

Bottom line no I don’t want to send it back, no I will no longer be using 9.5 (Excellent as it is), It is in my humble opinion the best Cubase yet and I can only say thank you to all at Steinberg for producing such a fabulous DAW. Thank You.

re: Bezier Curves in Midi Editor this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxnDIuQiWzc&t=2s seems to an okay workaround for now.

This is excellent! As a home recorder/hobbyist, there is one quick question. Since I really dohn’t need the Cubase 10 Pro version, I will be seriously looking at upgrading to the Artist version. Can I do real time mixdowns with Cubase 10 Artist? I have 7.5 Artist right now and this is one of the things that I wish I could do.
Jeremy Thornton

This may help https://new.steinberg.net/cubase/compare-editions/

Thank you. I’ve already looked at the comparison chart though and it doesn’t tell me whether I can do a real time audio export or not. At least as far as I can see it doesn’t. I’m really hoping it does though as I’m in a budget crunch right now.
Thanks again!

Did you do a clean Cubase installation or did you install over a previous version of Cubase? I’ve got a fresh Mojave installation waiting for a fresh Cubase installation but I’ve been waiting to see an “official” announcement that the two are now compatible.

Hi Matthias,

I’m missing the colour tool, as I’ve posted in the issues forum - it was really useful in certain project types and situations that are very separated event heavy.

In my situation as an example, working in 9.5, I was making snare samples and testing my outboard, printing all my results - different EQ settings, different compression settings, different combinations of each… went pretty deep… and of coarse ended up with more sample variation events than probably what was needed - but I organized everything with detailed naming and into folders and subfolders and subfolders within subfolders, AND visual grouping using colours. Colour grouping process batches, colour grouping favourite results, etc, etc.

The most important thing about the colour tool, was the alt-modifier to sample colours that already existed in the project to reuse them which is how I was using it. Nothing was quicker than hotkey selecting colour tool, alt sampling a previously used colour right next to the event I wanted to colour the exact same colour and doing just that.

There is no way to replicate this workflow in 10. I have to open the colour menu each time, and sometimes it is even difficult to sometimes see which colour I used previously as some of them are 15% shades of each other. So, the new colour GUI and removal of colour tool is detrimental workflow killer in some situations. I imagine anyone who have separate event heavy work - film post, sample pack creators, game audio, forensic audio, commercial applications like cell phone audio banks, etc would use this colour tool this way.

The other problem created here, was the removal of the colour list and the new colour palette not showing the titles of the colours. I have titled my colours to represent instruments in the project - everything from different strings, to bass, guitar, synths, etc. Being forgetful and also OCD and colour coded every instrument, I sometimes forget which is which, for instance all the pieces of the drumkit I have different shades/grades of blue.

I would suggest either having it so the docked colour button at the top of cubase remains the colour list, and then the new floating colour palette can exist as it is - and or, let the user change between a condensed no title colour palette or an expanded titled colour palette.

This change was a major slow down for me. Thanks

Yes. Exactly! Thanks for typing that out hehe!
The new color panel is a toy!!! It’s like whoever made this don’t use the color panel. I was hoping for an expanded color panel and better color management in Cubase after all and now we have this instead.
My reaction when I saw the toy panel:

:laughing: lol’d multiple times