Welcome to Cubase 10

Awesome update,great job!!
Many congrats on the release of Cubase 10 :smiley:
As a new user of Cubase since joining,in ,June of this year.I shall look forward to learning a lot more,when I get days off work,he,he

The latency/monitoring performance is always connected to the general audio engine performance. There are two things in C10:

  1. The performance on systems with more than 14 logical cores has been significantly improved in particular.

  2. One of the results of the survey was, that the whole plug-in latency issue needs to be more transparent. That is why we introduced the Latency Monitor in the MixConsole. It helps you to identify the plug-ins in your routing that can cause latency trouble.

Can anyone tell me if the Cubase window on Windows still uses the menu on the title bar and forced max windows size?
And is there any improvement in the Remote control editor for external MIDI controller support? So we can dynamically use more than 8 external controls for VSTā€™s and Instruments.

Iā€™ve now watched a whole bunch of Cubase 10 videos. There are many additional things too not even mentioned here.

Congratulations to Steinberg, Cubase 10 does look like a fantastic release! :slight_smile:

Hi Matthias,

in the feature comparison list there are some discrepancies:

-Groove Agent 6
-Halion Sonic SE4
-Retrologue 3
-Side-Chaining for Cubase Elements 10 (would be great)

could you pls. have a look and give a short Feedbackā€¦

Kind regards

Any installation tips for upgrading from 9.5 Pro? ā€¦ just install straight over it?


No, side by side. You can have both versions installed simultaneously. Just installing in the same folder would probably mean problems.

I just spent a few hours going over the videos on YouTube and I have to say Iā€™m super impressed. As long as stability and the GUI is responsive Iā€™d say this is a real winner. I absolutely love the audio align feature and all of the new workflow improvements in Variaudio 3. Having the midi showing under the variaudio will be helpful and being able to modify each segmentā€™s gain/volume is great. Precisely the features I was looking for there! I also think the main interface design changes are welcome and look great!

Just bought my upgrade to Cubase Pro 10 :smiley:

I have a very fast 36mb fibre broadband connection,
yet on the Steinberg Download Assistant its crawling at 4.62MB/s :astonished: I guess lots of people are downloading too :wink:

Waiting patiently here

Hey Matthias. I see there are still only 8 Send Effects for each channel in Cubase 10. Is putting this number up also on the to do list for further updates?

It Looks nice tho, but im curious if there are some Errors in the comparison Chartā€¦ for example under Audio-Editing is said, that Time-Stretch is just available for Cubase Pro 10 (what im very sure About is wrong) as well there is stated that ARA-Support is just coming for the Pro Versionā€¦ is that trueā€¦ ? i mean ,if you own melodyne you really have to use it the old way if someone has cubase Artist ? i might understand if Steinberg blocks the drop Audio to Midi-function or soā€¦but not being able to use ARA on Cubase Artist even if someone has melodyne seems a bit strange. Its just odd to Always record into the Plugin.

Kind regards

Well, Iā€™m one of those who think that Cubase became more Audio and Lame composers, and electronic music producers orientedā€¦ Seems that really needed things for real music composing are somehow abandonedā€¦ There is only one real improvement for the film music composersā€¦
Many times I have asked about improvements in the following areas:

  1. The Score Editor needs huge improvement, cause it looks and works like stone age tool. I gave many good examples with Sonic Scoresā€™ - Overture 5.5 and Logic Pro X - Score Editorā€¦
    1.1 The Score Editor needs totally re-organized tool panels, nicer looking notes, etcā€¦ Option to switch between MIDI mockup dependency and independence /in order to have properly looking notes with no affect on the humanized playback of the MIDI/.
    Well, in Cubase we donā€™t need Engraving toolsā€¦ But surely we need Fully functional Score Editor which can bring us much faster workflow.

  2. Expression Mapsā€¦ also needs huge improvement for faster and easier mappingā€¦ like direct expressions, articulations and techniques mapping - exists in Overture 5.5
    2.1 The range Š¾Ń„ expressions, articulations and techniques symbols in Cubase is very limited and needs to be extended.
    2.2 The expressions, articulations and techniques symbols, and text must look normally like in any Notation programā€¦

  3. Multiple Library patches into single Midi Track/Instrumentā€¦ For example Violins 1 in Kontaktā€¦ Would be nice if we can load all available patches with techniques, articulations and expressions into single Kontakt instance and use them in single Midi Track, just like in the Score Sheet
    At the moment the only easier and faster way is to create separate MIDI track per library patchā€¦ But this is terrible way if have to Export the project import it into Notation Software like Dorico, Overture, Sibelius, Finaleā€¦

    All these 3 main points above are connected to each otherā€¦

At this stage The Score Editor and the Expression Maps are kind of useless features. They are much more distractable than helpful, because so much tech work is neededā€¦

Looooong time I havenā€™t seen any noticeable improvement in this directionā€¦ Iā€™ve seen that Dorico implementing the same useless Expression Mapsā€¦

Greetings :slight_smile:

I saw a video that said the MPE stuff was updated but you canā€™t edit note expressions. This doesnā€™t sound like it would make sense. Can you clarify what exactly has changed in 10 regarding MPE?


Yes, some valid points there. Regarding score editing, i guess thereā€™s going to be some kind of integration with Dorico in the future, but i see Dorico moving VERY slowly towards that, we donā€™t even have real time recording there, jesusā€¦
But there are some positive and refreshing new features in C10 so i guess i will make the upgrade in a couple of months

Fixed. Thanks. Unfortunately side-chaining in Elements was fake newsā€¦

Yes, it is. How many do you think would be useful?

We hear you. A couple of weeks ago we visited several TV/movie composers to collect their feedback and discuss the future direction. There will more coming in the next versions.

We hear you. A couple of weeks ago we visited several TV/movie composers to collect their feedback and discuss the future direction. There will more coming in the next versions.

In the next versions of Cubase 10 like 10.5 or are you talking about Cubase 11?

Please look at the Midi Editor. Itā€™s so old looking compared to Logicā€™s. Add bezier curves, better ways for showing CC lanes etc.

Iā€™m kinda new to using Cubase. Do I need to uninstall Cubase 9 first? I didnā€™t and now Iā€™m wondering if that will be a problem? How can I uninstall Cubase 9 now that Cubase 10 is installed? It looks like some of the files are mergedā€¦