Welcome to Nuendo Live!

Hello everyone,

welcome to Nuendo Live, Steinberg’s dedicated live-recording system.
More information on Nuendo Live are available here: Nuendo Live product website


I have two license for Nuendo Live from Yamaha CL5 console.

But don’t have CD or exe file for download, where can I find it ?

Afaik there should be a DVD which can download Nuendo Live. Did you receive any DVDs with your CL5?

No, I think when we receive our console, Nuendo live was not out… But we have the eLiecenser !


if you have received your CL console together with the USB eLicenser and the Nuendo Live information sheet,
please type in the written URL and download Nuendo Live from the online source. Your USB-eLicenser is already pre-activated, so you can install Nuendo Live and use it right away.



the DVD box which opens the download also includes a pre-activated eLicenser. It will soon be integrated
in the CL console productions. But you can also download Nuendo Live from the URL that is written on your Nuendo Live info sheet (provided with the CL console). The Nuendo Live box only makes it a bit more clearer and convenient…


Hi there,

Our church just got our Yamaha CL5 console two weeks ago, and we just did the firmware upgrade last week enabling the use of Nuendo live. I have not gotten it to work yet, but haven’t spent much time figuring out why. I was wondering if there is a manual that could walk through the setup steps to get going?

Both websites for Yamaha and Steinberg talk about the features and I have not found anywhere that gives detail on how to plug it all in and set it up. I tried to just plug in and go (I have the CL extension installed, Nuendo Live and DVS installed), and it didn’t connect/recognize, so I’m sure I’m missing something somewhere, but the Yamaha manual manual gives no instructions.

Thanks for any help you can give.

With Nuendo (At least in Older versions ), the setup instructions are usually in a separate book (of pdf) called “Getting started”. You probably will not find this info in the “Operations Manual”


Thanks Brian,

I got a download version of the software from the website. Thanks to your prompting I went back to the .dmg file and found the actual Nuendo live manual I was looking for, but you’re right. There are no specific instructions on how to connect/integrate with the Yamaha CL series consoles. I am familiar with DAW’s and configuring standard audio interfaces with them, and this seems easy to do in Nuendo, but the Dante Virtual Soundcard, and the CL console are not exactly standard interfaces, and they don’t appear to be recognized when I run Nuendo. My problem could be on the console, and Dante Virtual Soundcard side of things. It just seems like one of these three companies would have put out instructions on how to make these things talk in the “user friendly” manner advertised. I’m sure it is really easy once you find the method. Still open to suggestions. I’m going to go digging around in the console and try to figure it out.

A question re the intoduction of Nuendo Live. I noticed that purchasers of Nuendo Live get 15% when buying a full Nuendo 5 license. Wouldn’t it make sense to offer the same for existing Nuendo 5 users, like myself, who has made a far greater investment in Steinberg technology, when getting Nuendo Live?


Hi Can anybody help?

I have updated to Maverick OSX 10.9.1, Nuendo Live will not open, i have downloaded the CoreAudio2ASIO patch but at it will not go past the install Stage, i have deleted Nuendo and reinstalled but still no joy.

The licenser is up to date and i am stuck!!!