Welcome to Steinberg Discourse

We’re delighted to share this new discussion platform with you to help continue supporting our community of users, partners and developers for the future.

As with any transition from one system to another, you may have some questions. Hopefully many of them will be covered in the list below?

How do I log in?
Logging into this site now uses Steinberg ID - the same system used by the MySteinberg portal.

What if I didn’t have a Steinberg ID before?
Simply click the “Log in” button on this page and choose “Create Steinberg ID” to create an account. If you previously had an account on our old phpBB forum, then it’s worth considering using the email address you used on the phpBB forum when creating your new Steinberg ID (see below).

What happened to my old user account on phpBB?
All the existing users and posts are here on Discourse and your account is ready and waiting for you. Log in with a Steinberg ID that has the same email address as your old forum account and you’ll pick up where you left off.

What if I had a different email address on my forum account to my Steinberg ID?
If you’d like to bring everything across to your Steinberg ID, let us know your phpBB forum username, phpBB forum email address and your Steinberg ID and we’ll do the rest. If you’d prefer to keep your MySteinberg and forum accounts separate, then simply create a new separate Steinberg ID with your phpBB forum email address.

How do I mark topics "as read"
Discourse has a slightly different concept of read vs unread compared to phpBB, but the closest equivalent is to “Dismiss” your new and/or unread posts.