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We are very proud to announce the release of the VST Connect Pro software, a complete remote recording solution that lets you collaborate with any musician with an Internet connection and a computer anywhere on the planet.

We believe that for those of you using this technology this’ll have a radical impact on the production process. By introducing this new, dedicated forum, we hope to provide a central platform for discussion and ideas and are therefore looking forward to your input on this subject.

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I’ve been reading up on this and wanted to ask a question…

I’m using C 7.5… 64…Can I record a Cubase 5 user if they use VST_ Connect Pro?

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The user you want to record doesn’t even need to own Cubase at all. All that he needs is to download the VST Connect Performer application free of charge from the Steinberg website. This works whether you (the recording engineer using Cubase) use VST Connect SE or VST Connect PRO.

:confused: hey was wondering if anywhere on here there is a particular spot for introducing/meeting other musicians that are using Connect pro , as they can work on each others projects etc. if there is not one, how hard would be to promote that as well as make a small spot on the server for it?


It is a good idea, I will create a sticky and see how it goes from there.

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I cannot connect my VST Connect SE. I have Cubase 9.0 running on a Mac 10.12.3

Tried all sorts of attempts but no luck. Am I missing something?


PS: I also tried connecting VST Connect se on Cubase 8.5, running on a Mac 10.10.1

And still no luck.

I’ve run out of ideas what I am doing wrong to get this to work.

“I cannot connect my VST Connect SE”…could you be just a bit more specific?

I thought VST Connect was a great idea, and I still do. I’d think it would be the greatest idea if I could get it to work! Having attempted this with a couple of other musicians, both tries were a failure, despite our diligent poring over the instructions.

Bear in mind that I haven’t purchased the VST Connect Pro version yet for this same reason - I figure that if the free version won’t do what it’s supposed to, there’s a lot of other things I can do with the money that will work.

If anyone can decipher this software, and is willing to work with me to get this to function, please let me know. Cubasers are definitely the greatest people on the planet, and I look forward to your guidance - thanks!

I would recommend making a separate thread explaining your issues in detail. Steinberg Support might also be able to help you set it up correctly.

We keep repeating: Empty project, Create VST Connect, go. If that doesn’t work right away, check https://www.connectvst.com and stay away from changing settings that you don’t understand or at least revert to previous if it doesn’t solve it.

Hi Folks,

Does VST Connect have a subscription cost as well as a purchase price?

Thanks !

VST Connect SE (delivered with Cubase) is free, VST Connect PRO has a purchase price, no subscription costs.

VST Connect: In depth information and troubleshooting…
If Performer uses direct monitoring, you can simply mute his or her own channels in the Performer Monitor, only drawback is you can’t use built-in Performer fx properly then.
If Performer uses direct monitoring???
I’ve been trying to understand for a day. What is this said about? Where is the performer direct monitoring?

Most audio interfaces provide “Direct Monitoring”, input signals can be listened to directly without passing through the app audio engine which always causes more or less delay. Usually, there is a rotary knob to balance direct and app audio output. Drawback is, that no reverb etc can be applied.
For VST Connect Performer, you would mute your Input Channels in the Monitor (faders) so to avoid hearing the direct and the delayed signals simultaneously.

Hello to all VST Connect Pro users!

I currently have version 4.0.44 in Cubase Pro 10.5.20.
During my last session with a performer I wanted to download the HD files in the “Manager” tab of VST Connect…
Cubase crashed completely!

Even after this session is over, EVERY time I switch to the “Manager” tab, Cubase crashes.
All my attempts to “reset” VST Connect or kill the file entries were unsuccessful.
Even uninstalling and reinstalling VST Connect Pro didn’t help.

On July 14th I contacted the Steinberg support with this problem, but no answer so far, probably because of overload.

Maybe someone here in the forum has an idea?
Thanks a lot for that!

Sorry for posting this several Times…
But i’m not sure, because “VST CONNECT FORUM” is locked…

duplicate thread https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=221&t=195498&p=1031740#p1031740

Hi there. Is there a update from Vst Connect SE to Vst Connect Pro or even Pro 5? Or do I simply have to by the program?

hi Darl

no there isn’t an upgrade path from SE - only from the older PRO licence.