"Weld" short midi together?

I have a piano-arangement with many short pieces of midi-notes tha are the same note, is there a easy way to “weld” them together so they fit instrument like strings better? The distance between the midi-notes are very short. So its the same midi-note repeated many times with very short intervalls typical for a piano playing pop-music. I can do this manualy but its tideous…


Do you mean to glue them?

Yes, “weld” is something you do with metal, “glue” is for any material.
Can you do that?


Selecting the Notes and using the Glue tool is probably not the level of automation, you have asked for, right?


you could STRG + click on all the first notes at note changing spots in your piano arrangement. With ALT + click and pulling them you could move a copy of these selected notes onto a new MIDI track. On that track you could select all notes via STRG + A and change the length of them.

Or if that isn’t what you wanted to achieve, maybe take a look at the legato function ?

What I get out of reading your request seems different from the suggestions you are getting. My suggestion would be wouldn’t copying and pasting the sections work for you?
Could you perhaps post a screen capture of what exactly you have and what you want to do?

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Thanx everyone. I think the “Glue” tool is fine, I will use that. Its not endless amount of material so this will be fine.