Well, 8.0.10 is damn stable now.

Yes. Same here. I Am loving this version. So happy they actually fixed Re-Record. It was driving me crazy. For me, C Pro 8 is very stable now. I am however looking forward to when VEPro 5 doesn’t have any of the issues that people have reported as I want to start using VEPro 5 and C Pro 8 Asap.

Yes, quite happy now! Asio guard acted strange before, but, this weekend I kept on pushing and pushing my Intel i7 4770k in a big bandmix project, and although I came close, Asio guard saved my ass I guess. Performance was incredible. I could not believe the amount of stuff my machine could pull. This is one big chunk of professional grade software with dream functionallity. ( I did run into some quircks like we do every now and then, but I could cope with them)

Finished 3 big projects on 8.10 and no crashes but had a few quirks. Overall I am very pleased :smiley:

I’ve had a few random crashes since I upgraded but It might be plugin related. Otherwise it’s stable … they just need to fix the ruler zoom and the default crossfade curve issues and it will be perfect for me.

I don’t know about stable?

I’ve had Cubase Pro 8 do something weird that I have never seen before.

After I’ve taken a break, but left a project open for a few hours (without any activity), I’ve come back only to hear some strangeness in the mix, and also with some of the VSTi samples (Superior Drummer) in my project! It sounds like the samples are dry, as if somehow rerouted away from the Cubase effect send bus, and also the pitch seems a little off! :confused:

I’ve also observed that the main menu bar has also disappeared and I can’t get it back until I close and restart Cubase Pro 8.0.10!

That to me suggest some instability somewhere on my system!

I don’t have auto save activated, so I don’t know if Cubase Pro 8.0.10 would have saved the project in this altered state!

I should also point out that once Cubase and this project is reopened… everything appears normal again, but this has happened to me twice since the update! :confused:


It has behaved fine during the couple of sessions I’ve had with it while I’m actually working on a project. But when I save and close my project and then try to quit Cubase, I get a crash on exit.

Just hope it doesn’t start crashing while I’m in the middle of a project. fingers crossed

Stability seems good for me. I’ve noticed the peaks have damped right down on the performance meter since the upgrade.

The odd workflow glitch (see my current thread on automation points) but nothing too serious.

Definitely getting close to stable here. Still have crash on exit (will this ever be fixed), still have ‘Video engine unresponsive’ (again, will this ever get fixed)? The program itself seems pretty solid, barring the odd crash from time to time.

Very happy overall, considering where we are in the release cycle.