Well done steinberg!

I finally had the courage to update my Cubase from version 7.5 to 9.5 (because it’s my birthday coming up and to celebrate a music contract i made)

I also had Cubase 8, but honestly, i never liked it. I never used it and i sticked with 7.5 until now.

But first impression…My god! Everything looks so sleek and clean. I really love the addition of the left/right/down panels, makes working much easier.
It feels faster, sound quality is very good (as usual). Love how the new compressor looks and so so much more!

Only downside is that few of my plug-ins don’t work (32-bit, yes i knew some of them would not work, luckily they are some that i don’t use much anyway)

I am very excited about all this. Well done.

Also i am happy to announce i managed to make a contract so my upcoming trance track is going to be released. Thank you steinberg :slight_smile: