Well done Steinberg

Well done

Can’t wait for Nuendo 6. Workflow is going to be so much better.



It’s personal. In my opinion 4 to 5 was a big step forward. On the other hand though it seems it was maybe a bigger step than this, but not as “good looking”.

I found many subtle enhancements to N5 helpful over N4. Perhaps that will happen again. One thing that would be particularly nice is to be able to have the inserts and sends in one window.

The main improvement I was hoping for was the track grouping which wasn’t delivered unfortunately. Frankly the edit grouping is tedious in the current GUI as well although at least it’s there at all. These were features that Pro Tools simply got right. I don’t know if there are trademark issues but SB really needs to just suck it up and copy them.

We agree to disagree :slight_smile:

I think I read somewhere that you can see both now.

Yeah, they could have done that maybe. At least this appears to be better than what we had before. Can even create some quasi-VCA out of it I guess.

Wouldn’t it be great, if we could choose whether we want

a) this 1,5GB of sound effects library, or
b) let’s say: 300MB of new postpro impulse-responses for REVerence


Idea: It could all be within the installation, and the choice is beeing unlocked on dongle… :wink:

He he, agreed. But I really think they could give us both.


Or neither, but some useful tempo/music features instead? :wink:


Or, seeing that this is the nuendo forum and that it’s a post application, how about vca’s, groups you can label and functioning.aaf import so we actually have something to work on in the first place?

I would have posted in the Cubase forum, but guess what; even though I have paid for the NEK and am therefore a legitimate music user, I am not allowed to. Usual Steinberg BS. :unamused: