Well-established Features are broken, many tools/features are incomplete

Overall, I still think no other DAW can hold a candle to Cubase. It remains to be the most complete DAW on the planet, and it has improved a lot throughout the years (I had my first encounter with Cubase back in the days of the Atari ST, and I own and use lots of other DAWs, e.g. Pro Tools, Studio One, Cakewalk, REAPER, … but Cubase is the only DAW that feels “right” to me in most areas).


With every single update that I can remember, some well established feature was broken - and in most cases never fixed. E.g. in C11 you suddenly cannot copy notes in the MIDI editor by pressing Alt, clicking and dragging anymore. Instead now you have to click and drag FIRST and then press Alt. What’s the point?

Antoher thing in C11 is that you cannot select multiple tracks in the export dialog via Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click anymore. VERY annoying!

In C5, I think, you broke the feature of pressing F2 (the common Windows key for going into edit mode) in the pool window to rename files.

In some version (C4?) you broke the multiband compressor - and only fixed it in the next MAJOR version, wich was a slap in the face for all paying customers.

There are many more examples.

So …

My request number 1 would be to stop breaking functionality (and if it happened accidentally, deliver a patch for the major version where you broke it),

Another thing I have been dissatisfied with since the early days of Cubase is that it has many tools and features with huge potential, but none of them have been completed. I’m thinking of the rudimentary logical editor, the (still) insufficient export dialog, the MIDI editor, navigation in the mixer panel, consequent drag & drop, etc.

Despite all that Cubase will remain my favorite DAW, but I would really love to see less new toys (that most people will probably never touch anyway) and instead some more focus on usability and completeness of features.

BTW, it is NOT necessary to throw out a new half or full version every year. Better take your time and REALLY improve the product (and concentrate more on bug fixes, too)!


F2 has always been open Transport for me

This does happen though, I believe duplicated track pictures when duplicating tracks is still broken, as well as being able to select multiple tracks pictures for multiple selected tracks